Matrixport Enhances Smart Trading Features on its Platform with Launch of Automated Grid Trading Service

Popular bot-powered trading strategy enables users to take advantage of market fluctuations to trade

Matrixport, Asia’s fastest growing digital assets financial services platform, has announced the launch of its automated Grid Trading Bot service. In its initial phase, the Grid Trading service will support trading pairs between USDT/USDC and BTC, ETH and BCH.

With Matrixport’s Grid Trading Bot, users are able to pre-set a series of purchase and sell orders within a given price range. As an asset fluctuates within that range, the grid trading programme will automatically utilise these movements to buy low and sell high. Should the asset price move outside of the defined price range, no trades will be made.

Cynthia Wu, Head of Sales and Business Development, Matrixport said: “Grid trading is an established trading strategy relevant for markets that are in constant flux. Alongside other investment tools including Auto Invest, our new automated grid trading offering reaffirms our commitment to enhance our platform to continually make it easy for our users to get more from their crypto.”

Starting from 20th December, users can access the Grid Trading Bot on the Matrixport App. For illustration, after select a trading pair under the trading page, users can tailor their Grid Trading Bot in a simple four-step process:

1. Set the trading price range, which is the upper and lower limit of the asset price for the Grid Trading Bot to place buy and sell orders. For example, if BTC/USDT is set in a grid price range of $60,000 to $70,000, and the current price of Bitcoin is $50,000, the grid will momentarily cease to open positions. This is because the price is lower than the selected range. The order placements will continue when price goes back within your set range;

2. Fill out desired number of grids, which is the number of pending positions to open at any given time; and

3. Set an investment allocation amount

4. Select grid pending order mode, grid pending orders are divided into two modes, geometric grid and arithmetic grid. An arithmetic grid means that the price difference between each grid is the same. A geometric grid means that the increase between each grid is the same.

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