Matrixport Expands CeDeFi Offerings with ‘AMM Farming’

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Access to yield farming made easier while affording wider choices for active crypto investors seeking to earn yield

Singapore, 22 March 2022 — Matrixport, Asia's fastest growing digital assets financial services platform, has announced the launch of the ‘Automated Market Maker (AMM) Farming’’. The new product enables easy and secure access to quality DeFi liquidity pools for active crypto investors seeking more ways to generate yields.

AMMs are autonomous protocols that allow anyone to become a market maker on a decentralized exchange. Fees are earned by depositing two assets represented in the liquidity pool at the same time. The algorithm will always quote a bid or ask price anytime for these two assets.

Cynthia Wu, Head of Sales and Business Development, Matrixport said, “AMM is an amazing innovation of DeFi, as it enables decentralized market making which is a fundamental expression of crypto’s vision and decentralized nature. Matrixport’s ‘AMM Farming’ pays homage to this decentralized way of market making. The product lowers the entry barrier, enabling a wider base of users to participate in DeFi liquidity farming while earning attractive yields in a secure manner.

‘AMM Farming’ adopts a user-friendly App interface that removes the technical knowledge needed to navigate DeFi protocols, allowing users seamless one-click access to DeFi AMM yield opportunities.

Yield from the ‘AMM Farming’ is generated from two sources:

Product sale window opens weekly, with a 7-day tenor, while the deposit window opens from 12:00 Friday to 12:00 Tuesday(UTC+8). Existing token pairings include ETH/USDT, ETH/USDC, BTC/USDT and BTC/USDC.

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