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Unlocking NFT scalability and financial opportunities with Matrixport
More than expensive digital art, NFTs are now rising to prove their utility as a digital asset.…
Why NFTs Need an 'Airbnb of the Metaverse' to Flourish
The financialization of the non-fungible token (NFT) space will help to fuel its growth, says Matrixport founding partner Daniel Yan.…
Multichain: The Next Frontier in DeFi
The DeFi ecosystem is now a myriad of chains created with varying yet potentially overlapping — value propositions, user experiences and sector-specific features. On the surface, this may appear as a competitive environment.…
NFT Financialization: Trends and Opportunities
Competition is ramping up in the NFT lending and fractionalization space with a high degree of similar product features and roadmaps being offered…
Matrixport Expands CeDeFi Offerings with ‘AMM Farming’
Access to yield farming made easier while affording wider choices for active crypto investors seeking to earn yield…
Matrixport Supports Innovative NFT Rental Protocol and Marketplace with Participation in Double Protocol’s Seed Round
NFTs are now becoming more than just a fad with a burgeoning market cap that is predicted to reach more than US$35 billion this year. Once considered as collectable art products, NFTs are now showcasing its utility as an investable asset class through applications such as NFT-collateralized crypto loans or rental marketplaces.…
How crypto is driving diversity and gender equality
While crypto used to be associated with a ‘bro’ culture, it is now maturing into a hotbed for inclusivity, writes Cynthia Wu of Matrixport.…
WingRiders closes seed and private round with support from big names Animoca Brands, Bitrue, Matrixport
WingRiders closes seed and private round with support from big names Animoca Brands, Bitrue, Matrixport…
More Ways to Generate Passive Income and Accumulate Crypto with Matrixport's Flexible Staking
With zero gas fees and no unbinding period, innovative flexible staking products aims to enhance wider accessibility to yield opportunities…

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