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Matrixport’s “Range Sniper” Empowers Stablecoin-holders to Accumulate Bitcoin whilst Earning High Yields
First-mover product offers annualized yields of up to 200 percent…
Matrixport Technology Frontier August 2021
The highly anticipated London hard fork of Ethereum has been activated on schedule, notably EIP 1559, which is thought to affect each stakeholder of Ethereum, is included. This hard fork will not only revolutionize the on-chain transaction fee market to add predictability and stability, but also reduce the inflation rate of Ether, or even turn it into deflation as some may expect, which could possibly push up Ether price in the long run.…
Ethereum 2.0 Staking Made Easier & More Rewarding with Matrixport’s First-Mover ‘ETH 2.0 Staking Earn’ Product
Users will be able to enjoy additional DeFi token rewards and enhanced liquidity, earning up to 10 percent annualised yield…
Matrixport Adds Senior Hires to Further its Global Expansion
Matrixport, Asia's fastest growing digital assets financial services platform, has expanded its management team with recent appointments of Justin Buitendam and Omid Zadeh as Directors of Business Development & Sales.…
Asia’s Leading Crypto Financial Services Platform Matrixport Valued at Over $1 Billion — Two Years After its Founding
Series C funding round led by partners of DST Global, C Ventures and K3 Ventures with Jihan Wu’s crypto firm raising $129 Million to date…
July 2021 Market Trend Report
BTC Price Trend: Based on the 4 key BTC price indicators and data as of 31 July, BTC prices is in the recovery phase although a quick rebound to previous highs is unlikely.…

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