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Matrixport, a spin-off from the blockchain and crypto mining giant Bitmain, was established in February 2019. We offer an one-stop platform where you can custody, trade, invest and lend crypto assets with ease.
With our mantra 'Make crypto easy for everyone', Matrixport aims to enable a more open and equal financial system using blockchain technology.
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Media interview
Bitmain Crypto-Billionaire Launches New Startup as Bitcoin Rises
Bitmain Technologies Ltd. co-founder Wu Jihan has marshaled a group of the mining giant’s former employees to launch a new cryptocurrency financial services startup, hoping to capitalize on Bitcoin’s resurgence.
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Media interview
Where will Bitcoin go after ‘The Halvening’?
There's huge debate over whether the increased scarcity of bitcoin will make its price jump - or whether that premium, like everything else, has been cancelled by COVID-19.
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Media interview
Should You Invest Bitcoin Ahead of Halving?
What is halving and how will it affect the price of Bitcoin? Some call it “halving”, and others “halvening”, but any conversation about Bitcoin in the next week will likely refer to these terms.
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We are funded by top institutions and individual investors in the East and the West
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