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Get More From Your Crypto

Blockchain technologies are broadening global access to an open, low cost and transparent financial network.

Matrixport delivers a comprehensive suite of innovative and easy-to-use crypto investment products and financial services tailored for all levels of expertise. We empower people to take control of their personal finances, one satisfied customer at a time.


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One of the world's most trusted cryptocurrency financial platforms

We offer best-in-class security and 24/7 global customer support; making sure your crypto is always safeguarded and working in your best interest is our highest priority

Leadership Team

We have 220+ employees serving customers in over 40 countries, across three continents. Our team has deep domain expertise and proven experience gained from world-class banks and exchanges, internet giants, and blockchain technology firms. This knowledge has been translated into a commitment to provide the most innovative products and services to our customers.

Matrixport’s co-founders are successful entrepreneurs and industry pioneers with a track record and keen understanding of the blockchain industry since 2011. With their insights and experience, Matrixport is at the forefront of crypto financial innovation and making waves with ground-breaking investment products.

Jihan Wu

Co-Founder & Chairman

John Ge

Co-Founder & CEO

Cynthia Wu

Head of Business Development & Sales - Global

Yingfei Li

Head of Sales - Asia

Thomas Leung

Chief Security Officer

Yanyan Hu

Head of Risk

Ross Gan

Head of Public Relations

International Presence

Established in February 2019, Matrixport is Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platform offering a comprehensive suite of innovative crypto financial products to retail and institutional investors worldwide.

Backed by top investors in the East and West

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  • Represent the most reputable and growing crypto financial services brand in the world
  • Join the most reputable and growing crypto financial service brand in the world
  • Set your goals with us in the field of advanced financing solutions

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